How does it work?

Provide plan details

Answer a few questions so we can understand which valuation model to use to calculate the tranche’s value.

Your report is generated

The Share-based Payments analytics engine calculates tranche value and creates an online summary report.

Monitor plan progress

For market-based plans, view daily updates on your performance and expected vesting result.

Request additional functions

Request report endorsement, track vesting performance or calculate share-based plan related expenses.

Key benefits

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Have confidence

Build and review your plan before requesting Deloitte’s certification.

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Daily insights into your plans performance

Gain a consolidated view of share-based plan performance, including TSR and ranking so you can monitor expected vesting performance.

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Cost effective share-plan valuations delivered to you within minutes

Get specialist valuation reports on demand. Receive draft reports in a matter of minutes, and certified reports in hours rather than weeks. Confidential, reviewed and backed by Deloitte.

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Stay in control

This is a comprehensive way to value your share plans, track their performance, and stay compliant with AASB 2, IFRS 2, and the relevant elements of APES 225.

Share-based Payments is in compliance with the Australian Accounting Standard Board (AASB) standard AASB 2.


Get started

Share Based Payments provides a quick, easy and precise way for ASX-listed companies to value their share-based payments, track TSR and other market-based hurdles and stay compliant.

Black–Scholes valuations


  • Black-Scholes valuations only
  • 1 certified report
  • 1 draft (unlimited edits)
  • Annual subscription

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All valuations


  • Monte-Carlo (TSR and SAR), Binomial and Black-Scholes valuations
  • 1 certified report
  • Daily vesting tracking (TSR and SAR tranches only)
  • 1 draft (unlimited edits)
  • Annual subscription

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